Aphasia Resource Toolbox

For those with aphasia, caregivers, and Families

Welcome to the Aphasia Resource Toolbox! Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a user manual for navigating life with aphasia? But since there's not (yet!), it can seem like a daunting task to seek out legit resources that are not only helpful but work hard to lay the foundation for the successful path to recovery.

We know it's no user manual, but here you'll find a tremendous amount of useful aphasia resources, most of which are courtesy of our dear friends at the University of Michigan Aphasia Program at the University Center for Language and Literacy, that will serve those with aphasia, their caregivers, and families alike.

An aphasia id card is a wonderful educational tool for your loved one to keep in their wallet or purse. You'll find resources that will help educate responders in the case of an emergency to helpful tools for becoming more independent, like driving and returning to work.

Aphasia Resource Toolbox

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Contribute to those with aphasia, caregivers, and families

Everyone we know in our aphasia community is constantly on the lookout for free aphasia worksheets, communication support tools, and speech therapy resources to help those with aphasia recover their voice.

Our desire is for this page to be a hub for outstanding free support. If you have a helpful resource that you think would be valuable for the aphasia community, please contact us!

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